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Anal sex over 60

mature anal sex

When you sign up to this site you are asked to fill in a questionnaire about your sexual fantasies. These can range from anal sex to dogging. It is a simple tick box formula. Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge about why men and women are signing up to the site. Something that really interested us was that the majority of women over sixty said that they are interested in meeting up with men for anal sex. A lot of the women have said on their profiles that they have never tried anal sex but heard a lot about it and would like to meet up and have anal sex for the first time. Are you interested? Do you love anal sex or perhaps you have never had it and are equally interested in giving it a ago? Perhaps you have never really seen the appeal but fancy meeting up with a woman who has never done it to experience what it would be like for the first time. Having anal sex over 60 Having anal sex for the first time over 60 may seem like an odd experience, the top tips we give are similar to any other age really. The first thing is to try and stretch out the anus first or otherwise you will have a lot of trouble trying to get the penis in. Why not buy a but plug or some sort of dildo that you can slowly push up your bum and leave it there while you play with each other and kiss. Let the dildo slowly stretch out the skin and allow you bum hole to relax, when you are ready, make sure there is a lot of lube and then try inserting the penis, not it might feel a little odd at first but once the penis starts to slide in and out you may experience a type of please that you have never had before. Inside the anus is very sensitive and many women have extreme please form the inside of the bums being rubbed. If you have had anal before and love the experience, why not sign up to this site and see if you can meet other men who also love shagging women up the bum. You might find that you have a few men lining up to have a go. Signing up to this site is free and you could be having anal sex with a 60 year of women before you know it so make sure you give it a go. What have you got to loose?

FInd a mature Granny for sex here!

Granny for sex

GrannyDating.co.uk is the number one site for men looking to have sex with grannies in the UK. Every week we have hundreds of dirty older ladies signing up to the site, desperately looking to increase the amount of sex contacts they have in their lives. There are other sites that offer Granny sex and even Granny porn, but grannydates.co.uk is the biggest and original site for men who want to have sexy times with older women. Top tips for getting a granny into bed from GrannydaTES.co.uk Ok, so you meet a few sexy older women on the site and want to get them into bed. What are the best ways to convince someone you have met online, to meet up with you offline, for sex. Here are a few of our top tips. Use our filtering system to meet the women who you have the most in common with. It is proven that people are more likely to meet up off dating sites who have more in common. The same principle applies to sex dating. Use our search facilities to find women who live in your area and have the same sexual fantasies as you. Once you have whittled down your results, you will be left with the older women who you have more chance of meeting. Be direct but don’t be rude. These women are not looking for a romance; they are looking for sex. So you can afford to be more direct. Let them know that you have interest in meeting up with them to fulfil your sexual fantasies. You never know, the more direct approach may actually get you further than flooding them with compliments. Have a full profile. The first thing a granny will do, is look at your profile. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have an essay written and 25 pictures, but make sure you haven’t just left your profile blank. Have 2 or three images of yourself (make sure at least one is of your face). As for your profile, be honest, say you want to meet up for sex. Talk a little about your fantasies. Remember, your profile is the thing that will make women decide if you look like the type of guy they would want to have sex with. Get it right and there will be very little you will have to do in terms of messaging each other, you could just organise a time to meet. Keep your messages light and playful. You don’t want to get deep and start talking about insecurities or how pretty you think they are. Just think, these women want more excitement in their lives. They are looking for a sexy fling. Be that mysterious, cocky guy who is going to sweep in and fuck her brains out. Your never going to be in a full relationship with these women, so this could be a perfect time for you to reinvent yourself. When you first meet up for sex. There are two different ways you are likely to meet up for sex with grannies. The first is to actually meet somewhere for sex. Maybe, they are coming over your house for a romp, or maybe you are even planning on meeting in a dogging car park to have a shag in the back of your car. In this case all you have to do, is have a good time and make sure you fuck her brains out. However, a lot of women will want to meet first. Maybe they will want to meet for a drink, then go away and decide if they want to have sex with you. Or maybe they want to go on a date that they know is going to end in sex. Make sure you play it cool and continue being the same person you have been online. If you have been playing the cocky, playful guy, then carry on like this offline. If you have been giving her loads of compliments and it has been working, make sure you compliment her loads when you meet up. The worst thing you could do at this point, is to be a completely different person offline, to online. If they have met up with you, it is because you came across as the type of person they wanted to have sex with. Just keep up the same behaviour and you will be able to shag them.  Some people like to arrange a sexual meet-ups with no talking. If you are a bit nervous, this might be an interesting thing to suggest.

Date ideas for grannies

ready for date

, getting to know someone’s past is one of the easiest ways to unlock secrets about someone and begin to know them really really well! Why not take them back to where you went to school, where you used to live and to any places you used to hang out as a child. These memories are likely to melt her heart and the fastest way to get her to melt in the bedroom too! 2. Why not wine and dine her. Book out a table at the fanciest restaurant in town? Even if the meal cost £100, so what? I am not saying that this is something that you should be doing all the time, but letting her know that you are prepared to spend this amount on her will mean a lot. In fact, it will mean more if she knows that you are not rich and had to work really hard to afford this. 3. Take her to the zoo. Doing something fun and playful like this will bring out a child like playfulness in both of you. Act like kids for the day. If you get a chance to go and hold a snake or stroke a tiger, go for it. Show her that you are a fun person top be around and you are up for anything. You never know, this might actually result in in her being more playful in the bedroom and more up for getting frisky and doing naughty things. 4. Get pissed. Ok, so this probably isn’t very good for a first date but one night you should take her out with the intention of getting a bit tiddly. Alcohol is a perfect remedy if you are both interested in shagging but both a little nervous. It will loosen you both up and before you know it you will be at it like rabbits 5. Do a bit of research. Just got to google and type in “dates near (your location)”. Look at the top 3 locations to go on a date and go to them, no matter what they are!

Swinging Parties – the Etiquette that you must follow!

mature swinging party

You’ve decided to start swinging, you’ve got yourself ready, found yourself a meeting point/party and then it suddenly dawns on you, what do I do once I get there? What is going to be expected of me? What happens if I don’t like it and have to leave? We here at Granny Dating, took it upon ourselves to draft up a list of 10 rules  to stick to if you want to go to any swinging parties! 1.     Swinging is for open minded couples/people. It won’t be appreciated if one of you leave early and the other person stays, swinging is a couples event, go as a couple, leave as a couple. Granny Swinging The party isn’t going to go on all night, make sure you arrive on time, it’s not fashionable to arrive late, be courteous to your host. After all, if it was your party and people started turning up late, what would you think? Especially if they are new to the scene! 3.     Take with you what you think you’re going to need. Condoms are the most important thing; don’t turn up to a party thinking you’re going to go straight in there bareback! 4.     Health and hygiene should be your priority, this isn’t only referring to protection. It is also crucial to ensure that you’re smelling fresh! Just because you think this might be a bit of a dirty activity, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn up as if you’re trying to impress. 5.     Know that it is acceptable to say no. It’s is not compulsory to get involved in everything. You are free to do as much or as little as you want. You are there to have fun too, not just so that everyone else can have a jolly! 6.     Alcohol is a perfectly acceptable element to any swinging party. It can help people lower their defences, get people talking and ultimately make everyone have a better time. However don’t take it too far! You’ll not be invited back if you end up getting totally wrecked and can’t perform, everything in moderation as they say! woman from granny dating swinging 7.     If you’re going to a swinging party make sure the person you are going with is fully aware of what they are getting into, this will avoid any awkward moments throughout the evening. 8.     There are two types of swinging, group swinging and just normal swinging. Group swinging, says it in the name. It is for groups, there is often a room for this kind of thing at a party, so if you want more than one couple, head for this room. 9.     Some swinging parties may provide the drinks and food, however if there is no mention of this, be prepared to bring your own and stick to your own stash! Enjoy yourself, if you’re not happy at any point, leave. But if you find yourself enjoying it, fill your boots. Who knows when the next invite may come along.

Message from one of our male members


  My name is Frank and I have been using saucyoversixty.com for over 2 years now. I have met some of the most incredible and intriguing women. Some of the stories I could tell you about my meet ups would literally give you the brass monkeys I am sure. Take Carol, who is 78 for example. I met her at a road chef on the m4 but it was clear from the first couple of minutes we were both not interested in eating or getting to know each other- but rather ripping each others clothes off. We both went back to her place in separate cars and by god I am surprised my penis held up to the slapping around it was to be subjected to. I removed my white y-fronts and at this point I was not hard, not erect at all and she peeled back my foreskin and scrapped along the tip of my bell end with her tarnished false nail. A tear literally rolled down my cheek, but then the old pecker was standing up to attention like the changing of the flipping guards. She had been rough with me, so I thought I’d be rough with her. I had brought along a sexy sex toy with me. It was a device that clamped onto the vagina and sucks all the air out leaving the vagina swollen and puffy and damn sexy. I proceeded to clamp this on Carol and she absolutely loved it. “more, more…uh yeah…yes frank yes frank” she moaned and squealed. It was christmas and birthdays all rolled into one with her that day. As soon as I removed the toy I pressed my fingers against her swollen vagina. She was pretty wet by this stage so I put my erect penis in and out. I must have gone in and out over 90 times. I can last a very long time now in  my later years. I eventually came and a teaspoon of cum shot up her. She pushed me onto the bed face down, spread my legs, and licked my balls where they hung from behind. What a chill I got but ooo it was so relaxing. I said to her “You and me are going to have to hook up more often" ”